Developer Community

Welcome to the Cohuman Developer Community. The Cohuman API allows anyone to develop applications for the web, mobile devices and the desktop.  Our goal is to improve the lives of our customers by increasing the ways they can create, share and experience tasks with their teammates.

Why we’re doing this.

We can’t do it alone fast enough. We need the assistance of developers across the globe to help us meet the demands of our rapidly growing customer base. So we’re opening up our API to:

  • Offer our customers new ways to share, create and experience tasks whether or not they are looking at our site
  • Encourage innovation around team productivity, because you will have ideas that we never conceived of that will enhance our customers’ Cohuman experience

Get started now.

The Cohuman Brand

Third Party Applications

May 2011 Contest Winner

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that participated in our contest.

Many great apps were submitted – among these:


A great Windows Mobile 7 App submitted by Dele Olowoyo and the Winner of our contest!!



Checks tasks and does them for you

TodoToday for Cohuman
TodoToday Pro for Cohuman 

Two Android apps from Jabanaki Software

Superhuman for Cohuman

A Palm Pre app by Vaibhav Mishra