Cohuman uses three-legged OAuth 1.0 to authorize API requests. The API was developed with a RESTful interface. Developers are required to have a Cohuman account and get a developer API key.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up for a free Cohuman account: http://cohuman.com/plans_pricing
  2. Verify your email address
  3. Login to cohuman: http://cohuman.com
  4. Get a developer API key: http://cohuman.com/developer/api_key

What Cohuman is made of - Resources

The Cohuman service, and consequently our API revolves around the basic unit of work: Tasks. These Tasks can be created by, followed by and assigned to Users of the system, or alternatively a Task can be assigned to no one.  Tasks can also be grouped in Projects, which are a collection of Tasks and the Users (in this situation also known as members) who will finish these Tasks.

Users are also important in our system.  Users can make Invitations to reach out to their friends and coworkers to join our site.  They can also become "cohuman" with each other and collaborate on some Tasks.

Projects are a way of grouping tasks and users that can be specific to a larger event or an team of people.

Tasks, Users and Projects are the nouns of our product, while Activities are the verbs.  These currently come in 3 types, Task Activities, Project Activities, and general Activities.

Next Steps